Premio Le Arti, motivazione: Migliore violinista dell'anno

Award Le Arti, motivation: Best violinist of the year

CR Center Italian Art and Culture

30th Annual
Foundation Prize
(1974 - 2004)

to the violinist


"young, and yet already affirmed in the world of music; an inimitable performer of Paganini and other impossibly difficult composers, she succeeds in drawing and in moving both the inexperienced and the experienced listener, with her extraordinary technique, the fruit of intense and profound study combined with a purity of expression which comes from an exuberant spirit and which is totally captivating".

The General Secretary
Bianca Maria Simeoni

The National President
Pino Amatiello

Rome, Hall of the Protomoteca of the Campidoglio
May 27 th 2004


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